BF Stampi



B.F. Stampi offers many services in its work field. CAD engineering is carried out with last generation systems. A two-dimensional drawing is made available as well as a 3 D physical model to be scanned (reverse engineering). Mathematical models supplied by customers are also used. CAD modeling makes it possible to develop a 3D mathematical model of parts, view the parts making up the mould and to carry out interference tests on the various movements. CAM processing of the tool paths makes it possible to go over to following the NC milling phases.

Our workshop is equipped with technologically advanced machine tools and we carry out very precise machining according to the market requirements in terms of time and costs. Furthermore we are able to meet customers’ requirements in terms of product development because our technical department uses CAD/CAM systems and has wide experience in this specific field.

We are able to develop and produce moulds in complex shapes . Top quality is guaranteed.